My Running Story…..

My running journey started when I was a young teenager. I hated running. Running was work, it was exhausting, I couldn’t breath, my body hurt and ached every step I took. But my Mom pushed me to get outside and run with her and now, I am thankful she did. My Mom has been a huge influence and role model who showed me her love for running. When I was 15, if you asked me to run 10 miles I would think you were crazy.

I was active in dance and sports as a young girl. But I didn’t start running until I could no longer play soccer. When there was no longer a girl’s varsity soccer team, I joined cross country. Since I ran 5Ks with my Mom and played soccer, the cross country coach recruited me and the team was thrilled since this meant the girls would have a team that season. And to my surprise, I ran better than I had imagined and I learned so much. I learned how running wasn’t just physical, but also mental and to push myself. I wasn’t the best runner, but I helped my team. That year, my team voted for me to receive the MVP award at the end of the season. I was shocked and thrilled. After my first cross country season in 2006, I was hooked to running. I went on to join the cross country team at Westminster College, but only had the opportunity for one year since the following year, I left Westminster College.

But I didn’t stop running even though I wasn’t running competitively anymore. I’ve ran various 5Ks and 10ks, half marathons (13.1 miles), a sprint triathlon, a Spartan race, and two full marathons (26.2 miles).

My advice I’d like to give anyone that doesn’t think they can run, is to try! Running has been such a big influence in my life that I want to share my story, connect with other runners, and inspire others to run!!