Practice What You Preach


“Hello, I’m Kayla.”

“Nice to meet you, Kayla. I’m Ida.”

“What do you do?” asked Ida.

“I’m a dietitian,” I responded.

“Wow, I can see you practice what you preach. Not all dietitians do.”

The above conversation took place at a networking event I attended this week. I recently moved to a new city and started a new job which is exciting, but also has been a hard transition.

This summer, it felt like I hit rock bottom and have started to build my life all over again. That may be a bit of exaggeration because things could always be worse. But honestly, moving back in with my parents after graduating from college almost 3 years ago (with a graduate degree) was one of the toughest times of my life. I have felt angry, anxious, and frustrated. Angry at my ex-boyfriend and mother. Angry because things did go the way I had thought they would. Anxious because my future is unknown and I feel so lost. And frustrated that I can’t seem to get what I want.

But I truly believe everything happens for a reason and what has taken place in the last couple of months to lead to where I am now is where I am supposed to be. Because then I will find peace.

After 3 weeks of moving in my new place and finally feeling settled, I saw on Facebook that an online group connecting all holistic practitioners together (recommended to me by a friend) was having a networking event. My new roommate is also into holistic wellness and wants to start networking, but sadly could not make it due to work. But I went anyways, a but nervous and not really sure why I was going since I don’t even really have an established business yet.

I opened the door to the building and after reading a sign, I turned around thinking “wait, I think this is the wrong building.” But of course it was the right building, so ended up walking back. I was nervous. And when I walked in to a crowd of people (whom no one I knew), I wanted to run again. I didn’t really say anything at first until after the creator of the group connection spoke and many people introduced themselves around the room….Reiki healers, hypnotist, health coaches, chiropractors, nurses, life coaches, etc. Everyone in that room had skills and knowledge that I wanted and were doing what I want to do. It was exciting, but also intimidating too.

Afterwards, a hypnotist/life coach came up to me and introduced herself and I introduced myself. And of course, the first thing she says is that I must practice what I preach. Well, yes. Of course, I do, I thought. But I knew where she was coming from because I have met many dietitians especially in hospitals that don’t take care of themselves. But to me, its like common sense, why wouldn’t I? How can I relate to people or how would they believe I could help them if I struggle with my weight? But I know not everyone will either because I’ve never had a weight issue, but definitely suffered from body image issues and my relationship to food.

But other times, I feel like people may not see me as a health practitioner. Because a lot of what I show on my social media is my wellness journey. And some people have been shocked when they learn that I am a Registered Dietitian and actually do have a degree in nutrition.

Should health practitioners practice what they preach? I’d like to also note that not all doctors do either and I swear some people believe doctors are Gods. But medical doctors barely, if any get any nutrition education and are taught to treat symptoms NOT prevent or treat the root cause. In my opinion, more referrals should be made to holistic practitioners. But this is also where I see the future of healthcare headed.

But I also struggle with personal beliefs and what is evidenced-based. Unfortunately, I think we can be ahead of what evidence supports which makes it difficult to give recommendations and stay within my code of ethics. But health and wellness coaches don’t have to worry about that as much which can be frustrating. Even though by law, states that have licensure for dietitians, health and wellness coaches should be practicing medical nutrition therapy.

And I also don’t want to push my personal beliefs on anyone else. I share my journey on my social media to hopefully help someone or inspire them on their own wellness journey. We all have different opinions and beliefs. We are all just trying to live our best lives to live in alignment with ourselves to find our happiness. We are all individuals. We are all unique. And what makes each person happy is different too. But we are all just looking to be great and live a happier, healthier, and abundant life.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article. And follow me, if you so please and think it would inspire you, I’m mostly on instagram @kayla_slater.