Hello world!

I would like to start this blog to share my journey as I become a dietitian, share my nutrition knowledge, give tips on eating well and fitness, and inspire you to become a healthier and happier you! I am a passionate believer that one important aspect of happiness is to take care of our bodies through nutrition and fitness. My motto is that food is medicine and everything in moderation!

I recently went to NYSAND’s Annual Meeting and Expo where Dr. Katz was a keynote speaker. He stated, “eat real food, not too much, mostly plants.” And I couldn’t have said it any better. He explained that to be healthy, is a skill people must learn. I followed this career path to not only learn how to become a healthier me, but to also help others become healthier. Obesity is an epidemic and a current public health issue in the United States. Evidence has shown that obesity leads to chronic diseases. Our environment is the problem to obesity (as stated by Dr. Katz, we are polar bears in a desert). But as individuals we can learn to prevent chronic diseases through nutrition and physical activity.

In this blog, I hope to share my nutrition knowledge and culinary skills to help you feed your family healthier meals that you all can enjoy and inspire you to cook using real food and more plants! Also, I hope to share my running journey as I begin training for a half marathon.

As I have just finished my dietetic internship, I will be studying for the RD exam, working as a nutritionist for WIC, and training for a half marathon! I hope you will join me in my journey and maybe you will even start a fitness journey or cook more in the kitchen! Cheers to a happy and healthy life!